Nyle Systems – Drying, Heating & Dehydration Solutions

 Lumber Kiln Drying

Nyle has been building lumber dry kiln systems for about 37 years. Thousands of Nyle systems are used around the world drying hundreds of species of lumber. Along the way, Nyle has developed a great depth of knowledge about drying and treating lumber.


 Water Heating

Water heating is one of the largest uses of energy. Water is heated in various ways, most of them not very energy efficient. Heat Pump Water Heating is recognized as the most energy and cost efficient way to heat water. That is where Nyle focuses.


 Food Dehydration

Nyle builds industrial scale food and non-food drying systems. Nyle has deep expertise in Dehumidification Drying and Climate Control. We also build dehumidification systems for warehouse and production facilities, and we build custom climate controlled chambers and plants.