Manufactured to your requirements!

Some customers need a complete system and need it quickly while others build their own heat treating kiln and source just the components they need.

Nyle has been a recognized leader in the kiln business for 40 years. We know what lasts and what doesn’t. We provide high quality, long lasting systems that are efficient to operate. Nyle has built scores of heat treating kilns for pallet and crate wood. Nyle’s systems are sold as complete systems or as heat treat equipment for installation on customer supplied chambers.

Safety is our highest priority. Direct fired systems use an open flame as a heat source, with an increased risk of fire. Our standard systems are indirectly fired, i.e. no open flame, for increased safety in operations.

Our Pallet Heat Treater product line includes:

  • PHT 660: A complete system sized to heat treat 660 GMA pallets per cycle in the safest and most efficient way (larger sizes available on request). A top quality system for a very competitive price.
  • PHT 350: A Pallet Heat Treater mounted on a shipping container or truck body, capable of doing 350 pallets per cycle. Available with or without shipping container.
  • PHT Kit: A complete kit including fan wall (furnaces and fans) and control for installation in the customer’s chamber. It can be sized to heat treat any amount of pallets your operation requires.
  • PHT Components: All the parts and components you may need to build your own system including controls, fans, furnaces, coils, doors, chambers, etc. with design support from Nyle experts.


A complete kit including fan wall (furnaces and fans) and computer control for installation in the customer’s chamber.

  • The fan wall will be custom constructed to fit your chamber.
  • Heating can be done using hot water or steam or specifically designed indirect fired gas heating systems
  • This kit comes in sizes to equip any capacity kiln.

Control systems: Nyle offers a computer control system that is easy to run and to expand. Since the beginning of the requirement to heat treat lumber, the rules and requirements have often changed and no doubt will change again. Nyle’s systems are designed for easy expansion and adaptation to changing requirements. The systems are developed in-house, this means no license fees, no waiting for a 3rd party contractor. It means fast support is at hand from our factory in Maine, from the same people that build the system.

Chambers: The chambers that Nyle builds are designed for fast loading and unloading. Wider chambers load and unload faster than long thin chambers so Nyle’s standard PHT 660 is designed to be 19’ wide by 30’ deep. The extra width also dramatically improves airflow and shortens processing time. We also build custom size chambers based on the same principles. Our chambers are aluminum with stainless fasteners, no steel, no galvanized steel. Nyle uses high insulation values and the better insulation will pay for itself quickly by to reduce operating costs. It also improves the life of the chamber by minimizing corrosive condensation.

Heat sources: Nyle is flexible and has experience using hot water heat, steam heat, gas heat and electric heat. Whatever is best suited to your specific operation can be provided by Nyle and will be the most current technology.

Fans: Nyle fans use our extended venturi fan housing which optimizes fan performance. The motor and propellers are designed to withstand the rugged conditions in a kiln.

Doors: Kiln doors that are rugged, reliable and well insulated. They are custom made to fit whatever size is needed. Nyle produces double swing doors, lift and roll doors and or vertical bi-fold doors, dependent on your preference and needs. All are built in our Maine plant to assure highest quality and reliable fit.

Bottom line, Nyle does not push to sell a “standard” product but will work with you to pick the right system, the right chamber, the right heat and assure the best results for your operation.

We listen to you!


Product Models

PHT 350

The PHT 350 is a complete heat treat system. It is capable of doing 350 GMA pallets per cycle. The system is mounted on an insulated 40 foot shipping container.…

PHT 660

This is a complete heat treat system with the capacity to do 30 stacks of 22 GMA pallets (660 pallets) per cycle. The chamber dimensions make for efficient loading and…

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