Hardwood Kilns

Nyle offers a complete line of conventional, dehumidification and gas hardwood kilns. Through new technology and marvels in engineering Nyle has been constantly improving their kilns for more than four decades.

Softwood Kilns

Nyle offers a complete line of track, forklift and CDS style kilns for drying softwood including our VHT systems for SYP applications.

Dehumidification Kilns

For more than 40 years Nyle continues to offer the world's best DH kilns for drying applications from 500BF- 4MMBF!

Conventional Kilns

Nyle has offers a complete line of conventional gas and steam kilns.

Chamber Packages

Nyle's state of the art modular kiln design from ranges of 4,000BF to 250MBF. We offer in house installation and can build to suit.

Container Kilns

Nyle's container kiln package makes kiln drying plug and play. Standard offers for both 20' and 40' refurbished reefer containers.

Control Solutions

Nyle's NSC100 controls platform is the industry's leading lumber drying control. Standard features include remote access, data logging, trending, email alarms and scheduling.

Kiln Equipment

Nyle offers a range of kiln equipment that can be built and purchased individually for existing structures or equipment being put together by our customers.