Nyle offers complete Container Kiln Packages that combine our well-known, high quality L-Series Drying Systems with a 20 foot or 40 foot container and almost everything else needed to turn the container in a quality dry kiln.

The package includes: Dehumidifier; Control System; Fans; Heater; Vent and Assembly Plans. To complete it you need: Container (40 foot refrigerated); Fantruss; Baffle and Duct. It is typically most cost effective to get a container locally. The truss, baffles and duct are typically easier to make locally than to ship. If desired, we can assemble and ship the whole container system.

Our container packages have the same quality features that make Nyle the world leader in lumber drying:

  • Heat pump technology for maximum energy efficiency. Uses 40% – 60% less energy than conventional kilns.
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum cabinets and extra long life specially coated de-humidification coils.
  • Precision control systems
  • Famed Nyle customer support

Product Models

20′ Container Package

  • Unit Capability L200
  • Softwood Capacity 1500BF
  • Hardwood Capacity 2500BF
  • Number of Fans 5
  • Number of Vents 2

40′ Container Package

  • Unit Capability L200, L300, L500
  • Softwood Capacity 3500BF
  • Hardwood Capacity 5500BF
  • Number of Fans 9
  • Number of Vents 9

Sales Sheets

Product Comparison

Model Unit CapabilitySoftwood CapacityHardwood CapacityNumber of FansNumber of Vents
20′ Container Package L200 1500BF 2500BF 5 2
40′ Container Package L200, L300, L500 3500BF 5500BF 9 9