Nyle offers a complete line of conventional, dehumidification and gas hardwood kilns. Through new technology and marvels in engineering Nyle has been constantly improving their kilns for more than four decades. Our kilns come with the assurance of years of reliable and efficient operation through the use of corrosion resistant aluminum, coils specially coated to withstand harsh environments and many other features that make your Nyle system last longer and perform better.

Thousands of these units have been sold across the world. There is a Nyle kiln on every continent except Antarctica, and that is only because there are no trees to dry there. Nyle systems provide huge energy savings, reduce your capital investments and provide top quality drying in a simple, easy to use fashion.

We have the most insulated kilns in the industry. This helps to reduce heat loss and operating costs immensely. We provide both fork lift loaded and track style chambers.

Conventional Steam or Indirect Gas Fired Kilns

Recently, gas has become a low cost alternative to heat your kiln, especially in areas with high electricity rates. The price of natural gas has dropped significantly and it is expected to stay this way for a long time. This is why we have developed a range of indirect gas fired kilns.

These kilns have a much better safety record than direct gas fired kilns and allow for better quality control. With a direct gas fired kiln, outside air is constantly being introduced into the kiln chamber, which makes it difficult to properly control the drying process. They are a lower cost purchase initially because they don’t require heating coils that indirect gas fired kilns do but the entire kiln relies on a screen which acts as a filter to catch any flying debris from passing through the fire and igniting the kiln. These screens can corrode over time which is why more and more companies are having an issue with this method and insurance companies are declining coverage on this type of kiln.


For the best conventional kilns, call on Nyle systems. Whether you are thinking about starting a kiln operation or expanding on an existing one, Nyle Systems offers top of the line options. With our technologically advanced kilns, you’ll always get the best results on your product. When you buy a Nyle kiln you are not only buying the equipment, you are also buying the famous Nyle support. We have some of the most experienced people in the industry who love to share their knowledge how to dry different species and thicknesses of lumber, how to deal with unique situations and how to be most efficient and economical.

Whether you are looking for a complete turn-key dry kiln system or for specific components, Nyle will provide you with the best supplies on the market. We even have an online kiln store where you can buy specific components for upgrading, customization or general replacement. This does not only apply to Nyle kilns, but to kilns supplied by others as well. At Nyle we don’t just want to sell you a kiln and call it a day. We want to develop relationships with our customers and be your kiln supplier for years to come

Dehumidification Kilns

Nyle is best known for the innovative dehumidification dry kiln systems. Nyle built and patented the first DH systems that allowed kilns to operate at temperatures similar to conventional kilns. This is how Nyle became a world leader in dehumidification kilns, which are the most energy efficient and economical drying method for most applications. Our patented XDH system, a breakthrough in dehumidification drying, constantly monitors and regulates the airflow within the dehumidifier. This for the first time enabled dehumidification kilns to operate at up to 160ºF (72ºC) and match the drying speeds of most conventional kilns as well as allowing easy pitch setting and sterilization, all this with greater energy efficiency than any other system in the world. These systems can be made on any scale, up to 20,000 pounds of water can be pulled each day, drying your boards for only pennies per square foot.


Product Models

Conventional Kilns

In the past 40 years, Nyle has built thousands of kilns, installed around the world literally on every continent except Antarctica. Throughout that time we…

Dehumidification Kilns

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Chamber Packages

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Kiln Equipment

Please see below for the most common equipment and call us to discuss your specific needs. Nyle KILN DOORS are rugged, reliable and well insulated.…