Drying dimension stock? Got a need for speed? Nyle makes kilns specifically designed for the softwood market using dehumidification, gas fired and steam. Buildings can either be designed as forklift loaded or track kilns which can be built to suit using steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

VHT 250F Dehumidification Softwood Drying

Understanding the need for drying at very high temperatures Nyle’s patented VHT Systems are like HT Series in that they are customized for every order, but they dry hotter and faster at up to 250F and are made in a wide range of sizes to meet every need. Nyle VHT dehumidifiers can eliminate the need for boilers and direct fired burners all together due to their water removal capacity and like all Nyle dehumidifier systems, VHT Series are clean, environmentally responsible, flexible, economical to build and inexpensive to run. They are easy to start up and shut down and easy to operate as well. Ask a Nyle representative about the future in softwood drying technology

More than forty years ago, NYLE invented the high temperature dehumidification lumber drying system. Our patented XDH system, a breakthrough in dehumidification drying, constantly monitors and regulates the airflow within the dehumidifier. This for the first time enabled dehumidification kilns to operate at up to 160ºF (72ºC) and match the drying speeds of most conventional kilns as well as allowing easy pitch setting and sterilization, all this with greater energy efficiency than any other system in the world.

All Nyle dry kiln systems are backed by Nyle’s legendary customer support.

Indirect Gas Fired Softwood Kilns

The price for natural gas has come down tremendously and is expected to stay that way for a long time. Competition has driven the price of compressed natural gas and propane down significantly too. That means that gas has become a low cost alternative to heat your kiln. In some areas with high electric rates even more economical than our dehumidification kilns. That’s why we have developed a range of indirect, gas fired kilns. What is the most economical kiln will depend on the price of natural gas and electric at your location.

Our kilns are the best insulated kilns in the industry which reduces heat loss and therefore reduces operating costs significantly. We provide both fork lift loaded and track style chambers. So give us a call to discuss your needs, decades of experience will assure you get the right kiln for the right price.

Direct fired versus indirect

We get this question a lot: “Should I use direct fired or indirect fired, what exactly is the difference?” Nyle’s indirect fired kilns use a furnace and a heating coil. The gas flame is fully contained in the heating coil and heats it from the inside. The air is blown over the coil and gets heated that way. This is a safe way of doing it: There is no open flame and no exhaust in the kiln. Direct fired kilns on the other hand introduce outside air constantly into the kiln so it is difficult to accurately control the process and can damage lumber. They are a lower cost purchase because they don’t require the heating coils that indirect fired kilns do. The entire kiln relies on a screen ahead of the burner to catch any flying sawdust, shavings or scrap from passing through the fire and igniting the kiln. Screens can corrode and/or fail over time. This is why more and more insurance companies are having a real issue with this methodology and sometimes decline coverage.

Nyle uses indirect fired systems, even when they are a little more expensive to build, because they have a better safety record and much better quality control.

Our kilns come with reliability features such as corrosion resistant aluminum cabinets, dehumidification coils that are specially coated to withstand the acids and harsh atmosphere in a kiln, stainless steel cold coils and tubing, and many other features that make your system last longer and perform better are included in a Nyle system.

Hundreds of units have been sold. Nyle Systems save energy, reduce your capital and operating costs while making drying simple and allowing even inexperienced operators to produce the highest quality lumber and improve yields.

Product Models

Fast Drying DH Kilns

Patented Very High Temperature drying systems designed for SYP and KDAT applications.

Fast Drying Gas Kilns

Forklift, Track and Continuous Kilns using Indirect Fired Gas Burners and Heat Recovery Venting