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Nyle has been growing rapidly in recent 7 years and we are often looking to fill new positions. Our culture is about:

  • Once you are on board, you are part of the team and we prefer people that will be with the company for a long time
  • The company is almost always growing and we’d like to give our people the opportunity to grow with it. Most of the time people are with us for a career, not just a job.
  • We are loyal to our people and want to help you develop and grow. In return we ask that you are committed to your job and the company, even if that sometimes means going beyond a 9-5 commitment
  • Being part of a growing company means there will be new products; new customers; new tools and systems. For your job it means there will be opportunities for advancement but also means that most of our jobs will evolve and change over time
  • Nyle is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome diversity of all kinds.

Below is a list of current openings. To apply simply email your resume and cover letter to

Nyle Career Opportunities

Refrigeration Design Engineer

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Company: Nyle Systems is a growing, innovative company that develops, manufactures and sells heat pump driven, energy saving products. Specifically, we are active in applying our technology to Lumber Drying;…
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