Final UCSF Start Up!

Five Nyle C250 Air Source HPWHs have been commissioned for the University of California, San Francisco. These five units are now the sole source of hot water for their state-of-the-art student-housing building at this location. 

System Specs (Each Unit)

  • Entering Water Temperature: 60F
  • Leaving Water Temperature: 140F
  • Entering Air Temperature: 70F
  • Heating Capacity: 262,600 BTU/hr
  • Cooling Capacity: 207,100 BTU/hr\
  • Power Input: 20 kW
  • Heating C.O.P: 4.15
  • Cooling C.O.P: 3.3
  • Combined C.O.P: 7.45

Check out some of the photos from this startup