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Benefits of Our Food Dehydrators

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Higher Quality Product

Our systems are capable of drying at lower temperatures, resulting in higher quality finished product.

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User Friendly

All of our units use intuitive touch screen controls with remote access capability.

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Reliable Performance

Our systems precise controls and innovative design gives consistent results with every drying cycle.

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Energy Efficient

Our systems utilize heat pump technology, requiring up to 60% less energy than conventional dryer.

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Technical Support

You get straight answers and on-site support from the same professionals that design and build your systems.

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Easy Installation

No ductwork or gas lines to install. Installation services are offered if prefered.


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By far one of the most popularly consumed dried food products in the world.

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Dried vegetables are often seen in pre-made meals and mixes, but are also becoming popular as a healthy snack.

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Most commonly seen in the form of jerky.

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Dried seafood comes in many forms and is eaten as a snack or used in cooking.

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Nuts & Seeds

Nuts, seeds and legumes are often consumed in a dried form out-of-hand, re-hydrated or cooked.

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Flowers & Leaves

Dried flowers and leaves, such as tea or hops.

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Herbs & Spices

Require care and attention when drying, as preserving their flavor and color is integral to their usage.

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Pet Food

Gourmet and natural pet food.

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