Nyle has developed a Heat Treating System that is adaptable, efficient, and easy to operate. A Nyle Heat Treater can handle anything from pallets to firewood wood. These units’ innovative, flexible design makes modification and expansion easy when regulations or your needs change.

The chambers are fabricated from a 40′ refrigerated shipping container containing everything you need to start heat treating. All our systems are outfitted with our indirect gas-fired furnaces burning either natural gas or propane for high-temperature heat treating and/or extended drying capabilities. Our systems are safer, more efficient, and doesn’t require a boiler.

Nyle offers systems manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure that your time is spent making money, not repairs.



Product Comparison

Load Capacity 350 Pallets / 6-8 Cords
BTUh 800,000
Number of Fans One 36" 7.5 Hp
Number of Vents Two duct vents
Dimensions 8' W x 46' 3 1/3" D x 13' 85/16" H
Power Requirements 480 V three phase 60 Hz