• Chambers builds are designed for fast loading and unloading.
  • The extra width in the PHT660 improves airflow and shortens the processing time.
  • Our chambers are aluminum with stainless fasteners, no steel, no galvanized steel.
  • Nyle uses high insulation values, will pay for itself quickly, reducing operating costs.
  • Doors are rugged, reliable, and well insulated, and they are custom made to fit whatever size is needed if you’re building your own chamber.
  • Door options include double swing doors or lift and roll doors
  • Indirect-fired gas burners are used with all our models
  • Fans use our extended venturi fan housing, which optimizes fan performance

Control systems

  • A computer control system that is easy to run and operate.
  • Systems are designed for easy expansion and adaptation to changing requirements.
  • No license fees
  • Fast support is at hand from our factory in Maine, from the same people that build the system.
  • Remote access is standard
  • Data Logging and record trending is standard
  • The system is built with multiple redundancies to prevent data loss

Manufactured to your requirements!

Some customers need a complete system quickly, while others build their heat treating kiln and source just the components they need.

Nyle has been a recognized leader in the kiln business for 40 years. We know what lasts and what doesn’t. We provide high-quality, long-lasting systems that are efficient to operate. Nyle has built scores of heat-treating kilns for pallet and crate wood. Nyle’s systems are sold as complete systems or as heat treat equipment for installation on customer-supplied chambers.

Contact a Nyle Representative for more details.

Sales Sheets


Product Comparison

Model Load Capacity BTUh Number of Fans Dimensions (W x D x H) Power Requirements
PHT 350 350 Pallets 800,000 One 36" 7.5 HP 8' x 46' 3 1/3" x 13' 85/16" 240V three-phase 60Hz
PHT 660 660 Pallets 1,600,000 Four 30" 5 HP 19' x 30' x 10' 6" 480V three-phase 60Hz