Complete Kiln Optimization and Training Services

Nyle’s complete kiln analysis program features a course tailored to your equipment, facilities, and operators. We begin the process by sending one of our dry kiln specialists on-site to begin the analysis. Once completed, our specialist will put together criteria for the facility training course. We will completely customize the course to fit your company’s needs to maximize both the instructional and hands-on education that can be offered. 

How it Works



On-Site Assessment:
A snapshot of your current operation, where you are, and where you want to be.
  • A comprehensive analysis of each kiln, including thermal imagery scanning.
  • Review the current standard operating procedures and preventative maintenance plans.
  • Complete a full analysis of the operator’s current drying processes.


Customized Training:


  • Initial Support. – Setting you up for success
  • Continued Support – On-going success for years to come