Indirect Gas Fired Burner

Nyle’s high-temperature indirect gas-fired kilns use a furnace and a heating coil. The gas flame is fully contained in the heating coil and heats the air from the inside out. Not only will this supply you with cleaner process air today, it will also provide you with less maintenance costs down the road.

What is the right size Gas Heating System?

Outfitted with our indirect fired gas-fired kiln packages, you have a chamber you can use for drying as well as heat treating. We use indirect fired heating rather than direct fired, for efficiency, more accurate temperature control, and safety.

Gas has become a low-cost alternative to heat your kiln. In some areas with high electric rates, it is even more economical than our DH kilns. The most economical kiln will depend on the price and availability of natural gas and electric at your location.

Model Drying Capacity (Hardwood) Drying Capacity (Softwood) Drying Time (Pine) Drying Time (Oak)
GHV4  6000 BF 8000 BF  3-5 Days  22-35 Days
GHV6 9000 BF 12,000 BF 3-5 Days 22-35 Days
GHV8 12,000 BF 16,000 BF 3-5 Days 22-35 Days

Notes: Drying times are based on 4/4 lumber. 

All Indirect Gas-Fired Kilns

  • Operates between 80-180F.
  • Softwood Operation Costs – Propane: 65-70 Gallons/1000 BF, Electric Costs: 225 KWH/1000 BF
  • Hardwood Operation Costs – Propane: 60-65 Gallons/1000 BF, Electric Costs: 250 KWH/1000 BF