Nyle offers complete Container Kilns that combine our high-quality L200PRO unit with a 20-foot or 40-foot container and everything else needed to turn the container into a quality dry kiln.

Our container kilns include:

  • Nyle Dehumidification System with complete Kiln Control
  • Circulating Fans with Fan Truss
  • Electric Heating System built into the dehumidification unit
  • Power Venting System
  • Refrigeration Shipping Container
  • Track System which includes carts to load and unload
  • False Ceiling package to direct airflow through the lumber being dried.



Product Comparison

Model Unit Capability Softwood Capacity Hardwood Capacity Number of Fans Number of Vents
20' Container L200PRO 1,500 BF 2,500 BF 4 1
40' Container L200PRO 1,500 BF 4,000 BF 8 2