high temperature dh systems

  • High-Temperature DH systems use 40–60% less energy than gas-fired or steam dry kilns.
  • Operates at a temperature range from 80°F – 160°F (26° – 71°C).
  • Corrosion-resistant epoxy coated aluminum cabinets and specially coated dehumidification coils for extra-long life.
  • Precision controls using our NSC100 advanced control system include a color touch screen, the ability to use schedules, data logging, and monitoring control via a web browser.
  • Softwood drying capacity is 2,500 to 73,000 board feet.
  • Hardwood drying capacity is 8,000 to 225,000 board feet.
  • Water removal from 420 lbs to 16,200 lbs of water per day.
  • Set pitch and sterilize with ease.
  • Systems include heating, circulating fans, controls, prewired electric panels, automatic over-temperature vents, and ductwork.
  • Combine units in a chamber to increase drying capacity
  • Multiple power configurations are available.
  • High-Temperature DH systems are available both with and without drying chambers.


With Nyle’s dehumidification dryers, you can dry your lumber down to 6-8% moisture content for pennies per board foot. When you add in all the additional costs involved with running conventional steam, gas-fired, and solar dry kilns, take into account that our dryers use 40% to 60% less energy. Nyle dry kilns are dramatically more cost-effective to operate.

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Product Comparison

Model Load Capacity Green (Pine-Oak) Water Removal / Day Voltage Requirements
HT 4 (L300) 2,500-8000BF 420 Lbs. 230/3/60, 460/3/60
HT 8 (L500) 4,000-15,000BF 720 Lbs. 230V/3/60, 480V/3/60
HT 18 (L1200) 10,000-35,000BF 1,800 Lbs. 230V/3/60, 480V/3/60
HT 35 15,000-50,000BF 3,500 Lbs. 480V/3/60
HT 54 24,000-80,000BF 5,400 Lbs. 480V/3/60
HT 84 38,000-120,000 8,400 Lbs. 480V/3/60
HT 108 49,000-150,000BF 10,800 Lbs. 480V/3/60
HT 162 73,000-225,000BF 16,200 Lbs. 480V/3/60