Model Details

  • Unit Capability L200Pro
  • Softwood Capacity 1500BF
  • Hardwood Capacity 2500BF
  • Number of Fans 4
  • Number of Vents 1

Nyle offers complete Container Kiln Packages that combine our high-quality L200Pro unit with a 20-foot container and almost everything needed to turn the container into a quality dry kiln.

Our packages include:

  • Nyle L200Pro unit with complete Kiln Control
  • Circulating Fans with Fan Truss
  • Electric Heating System built into the dehumidification unit
  • Power Venting System
  • Refrigeration Shipping Container
  • Track System which includes carts to load and unload
  • False Ceiling package to direct airflow through the lumber being dried.

Product Documents