Model Details

  • Unit Capability L200Pro
  • Softwood Capacity 1500BF
  • Hardwood Capacity 4000BF
  • Number of Fans 8
  • Number of Vents 2

The L200 Pro 40′ container kiln package combines our well-known, high-quality drying systems with a 40 foot insulated shipping container and everything needed to make a top-quality drying kiln.

This package includes;

  • Nyle L200Pro unit with PRO Kiln Control
  • Circulating Fans with Fan Truss
  • Electric Heating System built into the dehumidification unit
  • Power Venting System
  • 40′ Refrigeration Shipping Container
  • Track System which includes carts to load and unload
  • False Ceiling package to direct airflow through the lumber being dried.


The L200PRO is built to last. Extra heavy-duty coils are coated to Nyle specifications to prevent them from corrosion. Over four decades of experience have shown us how to achieve the longest life. Our fans provide circulation to ensure even drying. The chassis is 100% corrosion-resistant aluminum, and our remote controller has been proven in thousands of applications.


Everything in a Nyle dehumidification unit can be replaced. This is not a disposable product. We know that people run even our smaller units well into their second decade, and we build them to last. In addition, we offer technical assistance over the phone. The people who build our machines handle service calls, so you get the straight talk when needed.

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