Model Details

  • Capacity 6-8 Cords
  • Heating Natural Gas or Propane

The FHT 350 is a complete heat treatment system. It is capable of doing 6-8 cords of firewood per cycle. The system is mounted on an insulated 40-foot shipping container. The interior is stainless steel plus fiberglass to last a long life. It can be delivered with or without the shipping container. Easy to use controls that are designed for easy expansion and adaptation to changing requirements.

  • Mobility: The roof-mounted heat-treating system can be packed into the container, and the whole unit can be moved from location to location.
  • No direct firing. While slightly more expensive, our indirect-fired gas heating system is a lot safer than the direct-fired systems. The flame is completely contained in a stainless steel heat exchanger. Some competing systems are sold with an open fire in the circulating air stream. This is not allowed by some insurers and building codes.
  • We can supply the unit with the shipping container, or you can use your own. In either case, while reducing cost, the refrigerated shipping container provides a highly rugged, long lasted chamber.
  • Nyle coils are built to our demanding specifications developed over 45 years in the kiln business. They are designed to last.

Product Documents