Model Details

  • Capacity 20 Cords
  • Heating Natural Gas or Propane
  • Capacity to do 20 cords of firewood per cycle.
  • Easy to use computer controls that are designed for easy expansion and adaptation to changing requirements.
  • An aluminum chamber that is rugged and designed to last for long life.
  • Optimal dimensions: The 19’ wide and 30’ deep chamber is wider than most. The extra width dramatically improves airflow, shortening processing time and resulting in a faster, more economical cycle. In addition, the wide chamber is very fast to load and unload for quick turnarounds. It also allows to heat treat lumber up to 18’ long.
  • Wide loading door: The loading door is 19′ wide x 10′-6″ tall, specially designed for easy access resulting in efficient loading and unloading for the chamber and minimal downtime.
  • No direct firing. Our indirect-fired gas heating system, while slightly more expensive, is a lot safer than the direct-fired systems. The flame is completely contained in a stainless steel heat exchanger. Some competing systems are sold with an open fire in the circulating air stream. This is not allowed by some insurers and building codes.
  • Significantly more insulation than most products in the market: R30 in the walls, R26 in the roof, and R23 in the door. The better insulation will pay for itself quickly by saving as much as $4,000 a year compared to some competitors’ systems. It also improves the life of the chamber by minimizing corrosive condensation.
  • Nyle coils are built to our demanding specifications developed over 45 years in the kiln business. They are designed to last.


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