Model Details

  • Softwood Drying Capacity 1,500-2,500BF
  • Hardwood Drying Capacity 4,000BF
  • Water Removal / Day 250 Lbs.
  • Voltage Requirements 240V

The L200PRO takes low-temperature, small kilns to a new level.

The L200PRO takes low-temperature, small kilns to a new level by bringing the same great technology and drying control as our large kilns.

L 200PRO Dehumidification System

  • Dry your lumber down to 6 – 8% moisture content for pennies per board foot.
  • Operates between 70°F – 120°F.
  • Offers four different operation modes; traditional DH, Hybrid DH, Heat Treating, and Dump Cycle.
  • Uses enhanced E+E Sensor for temperature and RH readings.
  • Prefabricated chamber and Container packages available.


The L200PRO is built to last. Extra heavy-duty coils are coated to Nyle specifications to prevent them from corrosion. Over four decades of experience have shown us how to achieve the longest life. Our fans provide circulation to ensure even drying. The chassis is 100% corrosion-resistant aluminum, and our remote controller has been proven in thousands of applications.

The L200Pro comes with four circulating fans, PRO control, and a powered vent kit.

The advanced controller sports an electronic dry bulb and wet bulb sensor. Data logging, scheduling, and remote access are also capable, thanks to the L200PRO’s enhanced controls.


Everything in a Nyle dehumidification unit can be replaced. This is not a disposable product. We know that people run even our smaller units well into their second decade, and we build them to last. In addition, we offer technical assistance over the phone. The people who build our machines handle service calls, so you get the straight talk when needed


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