Model Details

  • Features
  • Electronic Wet Bulb/Dry Bulb
  • Mobile/Web-Based Controls
  • Two RTD Probes
  • Advanced Scheduling System
  • Remote Access
  • Data Logging
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • 7" Touch Screen

Nyle NDK-R Kiln Control

The NDK-R controller brings the most advanced kiln controls yet. The 7” color HMI touchscreen boasts the same great features Nyle has had in their controls for years while adding advanced features such as;

  • 2 EMC Wafer Holders Moisture Probes Per Kit
  • 8 Moisture Probes
  • Automatic recording during a cycle
  • Automatic control using EMC in the dry kiln chamber.
  • Works with schedule control in standard package for step-by-step changes

Operation Modes

  • Conventional Mode; This mode utilizes a controlling dry bulb for temperature control and a wet bulb reading for venting the kiln or adding moisture.
  • Dump Cycle Mode; Dump cycle mode This will run a time-based Heat, dump, and rest cycle with multiple repeats to get thick slabs down from 15% to 8% or less.
  • Heat Treat Mode; In this mode, when the target temperature (settable) is reached and maintained for the required time (settable), the kiln stops automatically.
  • DH Mode; This mode is more suitable for drying slow-drying hardwoods like oak. In this mode, the kiln is controlled according to traditional DH operation.
  • Hybrid Mode; This mode is more suitable for faster-drying species. In this mode, the kiln is controlled more according to traditional/conventional drying practices while using a dehumidifier.

When you are buying a Nyle Control, you are not only buying the equipment but also the support.

Contact a Nyle Representative for more details.

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