Model Details

  • Capacity 660 Pallets
  • Heating Natural Gas or Propane

This is a complete heat treat system with the capacity to do 30 stacks of 22 GMA pallets (660 pallets) per cycle. The chamber dimensions make for efficient loading and unloading and an easy fit for non-standard size pallets or lumber up to 18’ long. It comes standard with:

  • Easy to use computer controls that are designed for easy expansion and adaptation to changing requirements.
  • An aluminum chamber that is rugged and designed to last for long life.
  • Optimal dimensions: The 19’ wide and 30’ deep chamber is wider than most. The extra width dramatically improves airflow, shortening processing time and resulting in a faster, more economical cycle. In addition, the wide chamber is very fast to load and unload for quick turnarounds. It also allows to heat treat lumber up to 18’ long.
  • Wide loading door: The loading door is 19′ wide x 10′-6″ tall, specially designed for easy access resulting in efficient loading and unloading for the chamber and minimal downtime.
  • No direct firing. Our indirect-fired gas heating system, while slightly more expensive, is a lot safer than the direct-fired systems. The flame is completely contained in a stainless steel heat exchanger. Some competing systems are sold with an open fire in the circulating air stream. This is not allowed by some insurers and building codes.
  • Significantly more insulation than most products in the market: R30 in the walls, R26 in the roof, and R23 in the door. The better insulation will pay for itself quickly by saving as much as $4,000 a year compared to some competitors’ systems. It also improves the life of the chamber by minimizing corrosive condensation.
  • Nyle coils are built to our demanding specifications developed over 45 years in the kiln business. They are designed to last.

In short, this system is an excellent choice for fast, economical, and safe heat treating of a trailer load of pallets at one time. We can also build this system in larger sizes tailored to your needs.

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