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L53 Model 60Hz Complete


Product Information

  • Model: 30074000
  • Shipping Weight: lbs
  • In Stock
  • Dries between 300 and 1,000 board feet of lumber.
  • Dry your lumber down to 6 – 8% moisture content for pennies per board foot.
  • Operates between 70°F – 120°F.
  • Specifically made for softwoods and fast drying hardwoods like pine, poplar and oak.
  • Provides everything you need except a chamber.
  • Operates on 110V
  • Now includes a powered vent kit!


The L53 is a compact, high performance dehumidification system that will dry between 300 and 1000 board feet of lumber. Like all Nyle dehumidification systems, the L53 is easy on your wood, minimizing degrade and easy on your bank account by minimizing both purchase price and operating costs. Whether you are a serious hobbyist or an accomplished professional, the L53 delivers superb results every time.

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