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L200M Model 60Hz Complete


Product Information

  • Model: 30074002
  • Shipping Weight: 380lbs

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Nyle’s L200M model allows you to dry your own lumber down to 6-8% moisture content for pennies per board foot. These compact, high-performance dehumidification systems will dry between 1,500 and 4,000 board feet of lumber. The L200M includes auxiliary heating, two circulating fans, controls, prewired electric panel, over-temperature vents, and upgraded controls with moisture probes. These kits provide you with everything you need to get going except the building itself*

Kiln Unit Dimensions ( H x L x W) 37” x 32 1/2” x 20 1/2”

Control Box Dimensions( H x L x W) 12″ x 15″ x 15″

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