Indirect Gas Fired Softwood Kilns

In areas with high electric rates, gas has become a low cost alternative to heat your kiln. In some situations more economical than our dehumidification kilns. That’s why we have developed a range of indirect gas fired kilns.

We’re constantly asked the question: “Should I use direct fired or indirect fired, what exactly is the difference?”

Nyle only uses indirect gas fired kilns which uses a furnace and a heating coil. The gas flame stays fully contained in the heating coil and heats it from the inside.

The air is then heated by being blown over the hot coil.

Even though they are a little more expensive to build, Nyle uses indirect fired systems because they have a better safety record and a higher level of quality control.

  • NO open flame with Indirect Gas Fired Dry Kilns
  • NO make up air for the burner system
  • Accurate temperature and RH control!
  • Higher uptime for using your kiln

Our kilns come with reliability features such as; corrosion resistant aluminum cabinets, dehumidification coils specially coated to withstand the acids and harsh atmosphere, stainless steel cold coils and tubing, as well as many other features that make your system last longer and perform better.

Dehumidification Softwood Dry Kilns

  • Designed for loads of 50MBF – 1MMBF.
  • Operating temperatures of 165º F for Standard models and 220º F for Fast Drying models
  • Our heat pump technology maximizes energy efficiency by using 40 – 60% less energy than conventional kilns with a boiler.
  • Precision control systems with remote access from anywhere in the world.
  • Dries using standard softwood drying.


Continuous Drying Kilns

  • Designed for loads of 15MMBF – 100MMBF.
  • Lumber is fed from one end of the kiln to another via a fully automated system.
  • Operating temperatures of up to 210º F
  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Precision control systems allows the ability to set and regulate separate climates for each zone.


Nyle Systems kilns are proven to saves energy, reduce your capital and operating costs while also making drying simple and allowing even inexperienced operators to produce the highest quality lumber and improve yields.

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