Making Hot Water, UCSF Commissioning!

UCSF officially received occupancy permits for 590 Minnesota St Student Housing. Four Nyle C250 Air Source Units were recently installed and commissioned on the rooftop of this location. These four Heat Pump Water Heaters combined with their storage system will provide 100% of the potable hot water needed for the 333 unit dormitory. These specific Heat Pumps utilize embedded heating elements in the evaporator coils to provide low ambient operation without sacrificing capacity. The System is is equipped with a Master Control Panel, which allows a Lead/Lag operation of the units and acts as a single point connection to the Building Management System.

System Specs (Each Unit)

  • Entering Water Temperature: 60F
  • Leaving Water Temperature: 140F
  • Entering Air Temperature: 70F
  • Heating Capacity: 262,600 BTU/hr
  • Cooling Capacity: 207,100 BTU/hr\
  • Power Input: 20 kW
  • Heating C.O.P: 4.15
  • Cooling C.O.P: 3.3
  • Combined C.O.P: 7.45

Check out the pictures from the Commissioning.