NWHS August 2022 Newsletter

What does the Inflation Reduction Act mean for Nyle Water Heating Systems?
The Inflation Reduction Act, signed into law this week is a significant move toward
decarbonizing the built environment. Domestic water heating systems have remained
relatively unchanged for the past fifty years. Given that heating domestic water
represents the second largest demand for energy in buildings with bedrooms and
bathrooms, it is long past time to apply 21st-century technology to heating up water for
use in our homes.
Over the coming months, we will find out exactly what this Act will do for our industry.
It is clear that to the extent possible, the intent is to:

  • Lower the cost of heat pump water heaters across all use cases.
  • Raise awareness among consumers to increase the penetration of heat pump
    water heaters in new construction residential structures.
  • Raise awareness among plumbers, mechanical and solar contractors.
  • Provide training to sales, engineers and technicians to increase promotion and
    recommendations for heat pump water heaters.
  • Influence building/energy codes to require heat pump water heaters.
  • Help manufacturers like Nyle Water Heating Systems on-shore and scale-up the
    production of heat pump water heaters for the US market.

Why electrically driven heat pump water heaters versus any other approach?

  • A heat pump is the only emission-free, dispatchable approach to heating water
    which is more than 100% efficient.
  • A heat pump water heating system can be utilized for demand response and
    energy storage in conjunction with increasing amounts of variable renewable
    energy production.
  • Because a heat pump produces three times as much heat energy as it
    consumes, the electrical service requirement for a heat pump is 1/3 or less than
    an equivalent resistive electric water heater.
  • Smart designs can leverage the cooling effect, making the heat pump water
    heater a contributor to the mechanical cooling system for the building, further
    enhancing the utility and efficiency of the system.

Nyle Water Heating Systems is pushing the industry forward, helping to accelerate the
adoption of Low GWP refrigerants and control systems which enhance the
capabilities of heat pump water heaters. We are eager to take full advantage of
resources which can be provided through this historic Act and are excited to share
this technology and the resulting “green” hot water that our heat pumps provide.

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