NWHS November 2022 Newsletter

Two recent events NWHS was in attendance at were coordinated by the Energy Star Manufacturer’s
Action Council. We are proud to be a part of the Energy Star HPWH action council and appreciate
meeting everyone along the way. What is particularly exciting about these events is that Energy Star is
thinking outside of the box and working to advance the use of HPWHs by leveraging its network of
experienced installers of all types. Because water heating is the first or second largest user of energy in
your home, it needs to be included in the plan for decarbonizing your home. The goal of getting this
technology in front of more efficiency-minded professionals is to accelerate the adoption of HPWHs and
thus the decarbonization of the built environment. The Upper Midwest Home Performance Regional
Conference and Trade show was attended primarily by energy contractors such as BPI-certified energy
auditors, mechanical contractors, and service providers. The Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning
Industries (IHACI) conference and trade show was primarily focused on mechanical contractors. Special
thanks to the team at Energy Star for making these events happen!

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