Nyle Expansion Project is Nearing Completion

Nyle Expansion

Nyle Water Heating Systems is growing fast due to a surge in demand for energy-efficient heat pump technologies. We’re pleased to announce that our factory improvement project that kicked off early this year is almost complete. When finished, the major upgrade at our Brewer, Maine facility will double the manufacturing and office space, increase production efficiencies and enhance our new product development capabilities.


As part of the project, Nyle Systems has been purchasing production equipment to increase capacity and reduce unit costs, including: a copper pipe bender; a pipe reducing machine; a press break; and a shear. We’re also building a larger paint room; installing electrical & gas lines; and installing an air ventilation system for the expanded welding department.


Continuous improvement is a key part of our mission, so we’re advancing our research capabilities, too, including a new food drying test laboratory and a test chamber for new product development.


The project is being paid for in part by a $142,981 grant from the Maine Technology Institute. This grant is allowing us to invest even more in our business at a critical stage in our growth, which will lead to more good-paying jobs in our community. Onward and upward!