Exhibiting 2022 Petfood Forum

Nyle Food Dehydrators will be exhibiting this year’s Petfood Forum in Kansas City, MO on May 3rd-4th.  

Nyle Water Heating Systems Welcomes New COO

Nyle Water Heating Systems, a Brewer, Maine based global leader in the development and manufacture of heat pump water heating products for residential and commercial applications, announces the appointment of…
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Flashback Friday; Peavey

The Peavey is an amended version of the “Can’t Hook,” adding a spike to the end of the tool, enhancing its usability. This particular Peavey has some local history as…
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February 2022 NWHS Newsletter

Maine is known for many things; its lighthouses, lobsters, moose, and rocky coastlines. These are the features that so many people travel from so far away to see. The more…
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