Check out one of our Softwood Kilns!

Check out this video showcasing one of our customer’s mills. It features one of our Indirect Gas Fired Softwood Kilns.   (*1 min 20 second into the video)

From the Plant – FD 14

One of our Dehydrators being prepped for shipment – This FD-14 is headed to the northeast for Industrial Drying!

We Offer Product Test Drying

Here are some photos from last month. We test dried product for a customer (pet treats.) If you’re thinking of buying a Food Dryer/Dehydrator, but not sure how it will…
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Making Hot Water, UCSF Commissioning!

UCSF officially received occupancy permits for 590 Minnesota St Student Housing. Four Nyle C250 Air Source Units were recently installed and commissioned on the rooftop of this location. These four…
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