Our recent trip to Hawaii for Unit Commissioning

Nyle’s Sales Engineer, Jacob Bucklin, recently traveled to Hawaii to aid in the commissioning of two C185 Water Source units. Jacob was also able to visit some other customers in the area as well as some of our Rep firms. Here are some pictures and information from our trip.


These two C185 Water Source Units recently replaced some older technology at a location in Hawaii. They are currently being used in a reheat loop for a dehumidification system. This application uses source water from a chilled water loop where the additional cooling provided by the heat pump is utilized. These heat pumps are equipped with a Master Control Panel (pictured below) which provides a Lead/Lag operation based on compressor run time hours. This Master Control Panel also provides the customer with a single hub for inputting set points, viewing the performance of the equipment along with any alarms that may occur. It also acts as a single point of connection into a Building Management System.

System Recovery Rate at Rated Conditions: 2,018 GPH
Entering Water Temperature: 110F
Leaving Water Temperature: 120F
Source Water Temperature: 54F
Heating Capacity: 168,300 BTU/hr
Cooling Capacity: 117,500 BTU/hr
Power Input: 14.5 kW
Heating COP: 3.4
Cooling COP: 2.35
Combined COP: 5.75


This is one of two stainless steel C250A heat pumps that have just been installed at a university’s library in Hawaii. These heat pumps are used in conjunction with storage tanks to provide domestic hot water for the library.

System Recovery Rate at Rated Conditions: 517 GPH
Entering Water Temperature: 70F
Leaving Water Temperature: 140F
Entering Air Temperature: 80F
Heating Capacity: 302,400 BTU/hr
Cooling Capacity: 239,800 BTU/hr
Power Input: 22 kW
Heating COP: 4.25
Cooling COP: 3.7
Combined COP: 7.95