• Heats water up to 160°F (72°C)
  • Use as a preheater for higher temperature systems
  • Heating capacity from 8,000 BTU to 360,000 BTU
  • Removes unwanted heat & humidity from the air
  • Uses environmentally friendly R513a refrigerant
  • Double-wall condenser for potable water heating
  • BACnet compatible logic controller optional
  • Integrated potable water approved pump

E-Series heat pump water heaters are specifically designed for residential, multifamily, commercial, and industrial domestic water heating applications in colder climates and tight spaces. Leveraging an environmentally friendly refrigerant that has a drastically reduced Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to refrigerants traditionally found in this type of system, we have designed these heat pump water heaters for the future.

Product Models


  • Nominal Heating Capacity (BTUh) 8,000
  • Ambient Operating Temperature 38°F - 120°F
  • Max Water Temperature 150°F
  • Max Working Pressure 125 PSI
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 213/4" x 211/16" x 183/8"


  • Nominal Heating Capacity (BTUh) 360,000
  • Ambient Operating Temperature 10°F - 120°F
  • Max Water Temperature 160°F
  • Max Working Pressure 150 PSIG
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 40" x 72" x 89 1/8"

Cut Sheets & Catalog


Product Comparison

Model Nominal Heating Capacity (BTUh) Ambient Operating Temperatures Max Water Temperature Max Working Pressure Dimensions (LxWxH)
E8 8,000 38°F - 120°F 150°F 125 PSIG 213/4" x 211/16" x 183/8"
E360 360,000 10°F - 120°F 160°F 150 PSIG 40" x 72" x 891/8"
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